Dear brothers and sisters in Christ-

       Here are a few things that I am available to do for our parish and school, according to the bishop’s wishes, as he expressed them in his pastoral letter, A Church That Heals:

-Health Advocacy-
Home visits for consultation and evaluation
Hospital visits to the parish sick
Nursing home visits to the parish sick

Bulletin boards in church and school
A weekly column in the church bulletin
Fliers and handouts in the church bulletin and vestibule regarding area health opportunities

Participation on behalf of the parish in community programs
Establish a health committee where community, parish and school health concerns may be discussed and appropriate actions planned and undertaken

-School Involvement-
Assist the principal and faculty in designated wellness programs
Assist faculty in curriculum or in specific health and wellness issues
Provide education to parents as appropriate

       Please contact me thru the rectory at 304-342-2716 if I can be of assistance to you in these or other ways. Of course, I am also available every month for blood pressure checks after Mass in the Friary, at the 55 plus or minus dinners, at St. Anthony School Fund Raiser dinners and at other parish
functions. I welcome your questions and concerns.

       Please join me in prayer for the sick of our parish and school, and for all those on our parish prayer list.

          Yours in Jesus and Mary,
                Mary Ellen O’Farrell, RN, Parish Nurse

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